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Mar 1, 2012 5:30am EST
nearby states such as kentucky, indiana, tennessee anddkansas. and with meteorologists peaaing oreesevere weather could occur again anywhere froo mississippi to north carolina...authorities are urging caution. more than 200 injuries have been reported. ((2-shot ttss to weather)) 3 ((traffic reporter addlibs)) liis)) 3 33 3 bettee than botox? bbtox?the new cosmetic procedure that's making people lookssyears younger. ((break 2)) 3- many people spend a lifetime trying to turn back time.....many turn to botox and other cosmetic fillers to smooth ut wrinkles, but the f- beauty treatmenttthat appears ann it lastssa lot longer.ii our cover story, jefffabell examines the latest "wrinkll pn wrinkles." wrinkles." (23:31:57) "your bones are sticking out. your veins are sttccing out...." aa 62.....janet david ii determined.....too urn bbcc the handd of time. look like the hands of hee somebody who's in their sixties." so janet david is puuting her the hands offdoctor roberr weiss... (22:44:27) "is there any area inn pprticular that bothers you more than any other....?" weiss
Mar 5, 2012 5:00am EST
survived a tornado in indiana, but was critically injured.her brooher and two-month-old sister were killed.a family friend deecribed finding them to c-n-n's susan candiotti. ""he man ann the woman were laying righh here beeind the saw mill and all three of the candiotti: "right in the muddy fieed. and one f the babies was still in a car sat? a what to sayy it's devastating. "died at aalouisville hospital sunday afternoon -- after being taaen off life support. her grandfather shared his grief befooe-hand.""f i do get to see her, my pastor ii going to gooin with me and we're going to ray and i'mmgoing to tell that little girl, i'm going to tell her thht it's time for her to meet hhr mommy and daddy." (breaks down) meanwhile, human--kndness was seen amiddthe death, mourning and destruction.alabama's governor praised volunteers for stepping up to help storm maaes me proud to pe the governor of a state where we have people like that. and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell toured west liberty, tough folks. they want to rebuild this town. they will rebuild this town. and we're goi
Mar 30, 2012 5:30am EDT
mormon ssct that openly practices polygamy. dramatic video of a school bus in henryville indiana that had to outrun a tornado with nearly a dozennchildren on boaa. bbard..ou may remember this shot of the bus smashed into a building earlier thii month. here's what wws hppening inside... during that tornado. is pushed across the parking lot.. and then the road... before crashing into a diner. weee on that buu... audio piiks up thh tense moments pet them toosafety.ambles to - radio: henryville - there is a tornado on the ground.perry:: tornado on the ground, guys. book to put over your head, do &pit.. get in tte middle.))! 3&that river was that driver was able to get those kids off the bus and to before the bus is blown away. - a close call for a motorcyle rider... whose driving skills saved his happened on can see the car spiis out of control and came just inches away from hitting a motorcycle.what's nottso easy to see is how the driver of the bike responded so quickly.he didn't panic, he saw what waa happening and accelerated.aaazingly, averting disasttr. coming up o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3